Where Does the Future Lead?

  1. Read and view the materials for Week 11
  2. Using OneTrueMedia, prepare a visual "defense" against the arguments presented in the texts/videos. You must address the main point of EACH article/video. Send a URL of your finished video to me at BethRitterGuth@gmail.com

  1. As a team, you must identify 10 real life companies, 10 universities using SL (excluding LCCC and DeSales), and find 5 "legitimate" churches in SL.
    1. Use SEARCH at the bottom of your screen to find places, and you can also do a google search for "University" and "Second Life" or "church" and "Second Life" or "business" and "Second Life"
    2. Here is a hint: IBM uses Second Life; find their island and take a pic!
  2. You must take a picture at each location with at least one team member in the photo. Send these to me in EMAIL at BethRitterGuth@gmail.com
  3. To make sure everyone participates, 80% of your team MUST be photographed in SL (the 20% allows for people who can not log into SL from home and can not get to campus...in Survivor...these are the people who are "sitting out."). You do not have to be TOGETHER (you only need one avatar at each location), but at least 80% of you must have your photo taken at a location. Hint: COMMUNICATE THROUGH EMAIL!
  4. You must IM me and tell me WHO is sitting out.
  5. The first team with all 25 pics will win 5000 Linden!