Literature Alive! in Second Life


Beth Ritter-Guth and Eloise Pasteur
(AKA Desideria Stockton and Eloise Pasteur)

Literature Alive! in Second Life was born in 2007 as a program devoted to enhancing the teaching of college level composition, literature, and women's studies courses. Since its inception, Literature Alive! in Second life has created 57 literary builds including Beowulf, Chaucer's Cantebury Tales, Master's Spoon River Anthology, Poe's House of Usher, Dante's Inferno, and the novels of Gloria Naylor. Literature Alive! in SL is the only non-profit virtual organization devoted to sharing a love of literature through opportunities for passionate literary engagement. Ritter-Guth will share some of the builds created by Literature Alive! in Second Life, and will provide examples of student work in virtual worlds.