American Literature I: Required Reading, Week 1

Course Word Bank (please add terms here you do not understand)
Extra Credit Assignment: Add definitions to the words listed in the course bank. Be sure to cite your sources. You receive 5 points for each WELL CRAFTED definition.

What is an American? Discuss. Ken Gewertz (Harvard)
Native American Traditions
William Bradford: Chapter 9 of Of Plimouth Plantation
Bradford Lecture Notes
Scott Atkins: The American Sense of Puritan
Professor Ritter-Guth's Commonplace Book
Lecture Notes: Atkins 1
Lecture Notes: Atkins 2
Scott Atkins: Contexts and Developments
Extra Credit Assignment: Create a PPT presentation using Atkins text to compare and contrast Puritans and Pilgrims. Do not use animations or transitions, as these slides will be uploaded into Second Life.
Scott Atkins: Tradition as a Cultural Tool
Anne Bradstreet Biography
Anne Bradstreet Lecture Notes
Anne Bradstreet: Here Follow Several Occasional Meditations
Anne Bradstreet: In my Solitary Hours in My Dear Husband His Absence
Anne Bradstreet: Before the Brith of One of Her Children
Anne Bradstreet: To my Dear and Loving Husband
Richard Baxter: Confessing Sins and Injuries to Others
Thomas Boston: The Nature of that Faith and Obedience which the Holy Scriptures Teach
John Newton: Strength in Trial
John Newton: Public Prayer
William Gouge: Of the Nature of Covetousness
Cotton Mather: The Duties of Children to their Parents
Cotton Mather: The Duties of Parents to their Children
Cotton Mather: The Education of Children
Cotton Mather: A Father's Resolutions
John Winthrop: The Origins of American Multculturalism: A Please against Balkanization
John Winthrop: A Model of Christian Charity
Jonathan Edwards Biography (Yale)
Jonathan Edwards: Directions for Judging a Person's Experiences
Jonathan Edwards: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God