LCCC English 105 Honors

This course is taught by Beth Ritter-Guth at Lehigh Carbon Community College. The materials here are provided free for use for non-commercial purposes; proper attribution is expected to all original authors. Questions?

Fall 2007 Theme: Research in the Age of Google (Under Construction)


Fall 2006 Theme: Open Source Science and The Global Truth about Research

NERD's Presentation on Open and Traditional Chemistry

NERD's Link to Open Science Information (added December 1)

Daily Tasks
  1. Check the blog for announcements!
  2. Print the Revised Schedule
  3. Pop over to the class wiki and check the assignments (readings and tasks)!
  4. Add good stuff to the collaborative RESEARCH WIKI!!!
  5. Zoom over to the Student Wiki Space!
  6. Fly over to the Nerd Cave for Dicussions!
  7. Check your LCCC email.

Helpful Tools
  1. The Syllabus
  2. Semester Schedule (includes archives)
  3. Lecture Notes
  4. MLA Help
  5. Grammar Help
  6. Resource Packet
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