Literature Alive! in Second Life

Literature Alive! in Second Life is an academic project in Second Life aimed at collecting and distributing resources for the development of literary projects of collegiate worth in SL. It began in December 2006 as a voluntary effort and continues to exist on a voluntary basis. The mission of Literature Alive! in Second Life is to distribute resources for the teaching of immersive literature on the teen and adult grids of Second Life. Our goals are to help faculty create ethical and immersive learning environments that provide "added value" to students in composition, professional writing, and literature courses: to help students use the resources of a 3D world to add to the depth and breadth of understanding literature; to foster a community of open access educators dedicated to the sharing of teaching content through the Open SLedware Project; and, finally, to promote a lifelong love of learning through a lifelong passion for reading.

We recently produced a handout for a presentation.

At present, the Literature Alive! Project includes:
  1. The Literature Alive Headquarters (self-sponsored)
  2. The Literary Holodeck Project (Sponsors: VIT World Campus/Butch Dae and the Foundation for Rich Content)
  3. The Collaboration Station (Sponsors: Cattle Puppy Productions and
  4. The DeSales Literature of the Progressive Era Classroom (Sponsors: Finger Lakes Community College, Marcius Downing)Heorotvsmall.png
  5. British Literature Classroom Series (Sponsors: Education UK/Chris Eggplant, Eloise Pasteur, Alliance Library)
  6. American Literature Classroom Series (Sponsors: Montclair State, North Georgia SCU)
  7. The Virtual Naylor Project (Sponsors: Montclair State and VIT World Campus)
  8. Women and War Learning Community (Sponsor: Drexel University)
  9. Cavern of Literary Archetypes

Projects planned, but seeking sponsorship

  1. The Literature Web-Tree of Knowledge Project
  2. The Huck Finn Project
  3. Dante's Inferno Project

Completed Projects (materials still available, but not on display)
  1. The DeSales Contemporary Fiction Classroom (originally sponsored by Finger Lakes Community College, Marcius Downing)

Many thanks to the sponsors that make Literature Alive! possible!
ACHUB (Audio Zenith/Chris Hambly)
Alliance Library
Cattle Puppy Productions
CHSS Montclair
Drexel University (Jean-Claude Bradley/Horace Moody)
Edu Island II (Fleet Goldberg)
Education UK Land Grant Program
Eloise Pasteur Educational Designs
Finger Lakes Community College
Liz Ferenghetti Landscaping
North Georgia CSU
Phoenix Educational Designs (Neoznet Watts)
Renaissance Island
The V3 Group (Liam Kanno)
VIT World Group
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† As well as being a good literary archetype, Fairy Godmother describes how Eloise works with Literature Alive! From a pumpkin and few mice she produces carriages, horses and footmen in an instant, or immersive educational spaces in a little longer. Most of the builds described above only exist because of her volunteered time and talent. Eloise has been an absolute treasure, and there are no words that can express our thanks for her dedication, support, wisdom, and energy.