Second Life in Higher Education

This is a place to gather and distribute articles and information about the uses of Second Life in Higher Education. Please feel free to submit a link!!! This page is maintained by Beth Ritter-Guth.

Good Stuff to Check out Before You Plunge in (or the Justification Station)

CNN Future Summit
Introdctory PPT - Carol Roberts
Business mixes with Pleasure in Second Life - Daily Sundial Online (author: Daniel Harju) (thanks, Mark Bell, for the link)
EDUCAUSE Presentation - Thanks, Pietro Maracas
Teaching with Second Life Resources - thanks Theodore Wright
CyberOne: Law in the Court of Public Opinion - Charlie and Rebecca Nesson, Gene Koo, Harvard School of Law
  1. CyberOne Trailer - Charlie and Rebecca Nesson
  2. Getting Started in Second Life Tutorial - Hosted by Rebecca Nesson; tutorial by Rodica Buzescu
  3. "At-Large" Participation
  4. Syllabus

Getting Started
Tips and Tricks - NMC (thanks, Sean FitzGerald, for the link)

Second Life Library Podcasts (Second Life)

The Second Life of Ed Lamoureux - Bradley University

Helpful Hints for Preparing for a Second Life in Higher Education - Ed Lamoureux

The Second Life in English - Sarah Robbins/Intellagirl

Composition in Second Life (Sarah Robbins/Intellagirl)


Second Life is not a Teaching Tool by Chris Aldrich (thanks, Celia Bohle, for the link)
PC World

Literature Alive!

Documentation in Second Life