Free Tools for Teachers and Professors

Please feel free to add to this list! There are more great links at PC Magazine's Top 101 This list is maintained by Beth Ritter-Guth.

Criteria for Inclusion

  1. Free (no trials)
  2. Minimal or no software download
  3. Useful for teaching

Screencasts, Podcasts, and Vodcast Tutorials
Wiki and Blog Overview Flash Screencast
Wiki and Blog Overview Podcast
Wiki and Blog Overview Vodcast (m4v)
Research in the Age of Technology Screencast

Integrity on the Web

Online Integrity

Podcasting Software and Tools:

Podcast Pickle

Screencasting Software:

CamStudio (screencasting)

Video Streaming, Video Podcasts, Vodcasts, and Tools:

Mefeedia (free video podcasts for use in iTunes or on the computer)
Hellodeo (video sharing)
Google Video (video - no time limit)
YouTube (video under 10 minutes)
Our Media (all forms of media - safe for children)

Blogging Platforms and Tools:

Blogger (AKA Blogspot) (Platform)
EduBlogs (Platform)
Bloglines (Live Booksmarking for blogs)
CoComment (Comment Tracker)
Blog Explosion(Blog Directory)
BlogHer (female bloggers)
Blogs by Women (female bloggers)
Technorati (Blog Searching)
Blogdigger (Combines blog searches)
Blog Rubric (Thanks Bud the Teacher for the link!) - San Diego State University

Wiki Platforms and Tools:

Uncommon Uses: What you can do with a Wiki - Karl Long

Sharing Software:

Flickr (Picture hosting) (document hosting)
SuprGlu (gathering site)
KEEP Toolkit
Library Thing (Book catalogue) (Free music share/no downloads)
FURL (bookmarks accessible from any computer)
Writely (Collaborative Writing Tool)
Digg (tag search) (Tag Sharing)
Stumble Upon (Firefox Plug in) (File sharing)
Global Text Project (open textbooks)


SKYPE (Communication)
Vyew (Collaborative workspace)
Odeo (Audio comments)
Twitter (Text Messaging)
Empressr (Presentation software)
HitchHikr (Conference software)
Free Conference Calling (Conference Software)

Discipline Specific:

ChemSketch (Chemistry)
UsefulChem (Chemistry)
College English (English)
Digital Books (English)
Teaching with Technology in English
Fact Checker
Confusing Words (ESL and English)
Fiction Press
Education for an Information Age (textbook)


Statcounter (Stat counting)
Sitemeter (Site visitor counting)
RSS Calendar
Cluster Maps
Social Meter (checks usage from a variety of sites)


20 Questions
EduFrag (FPS game)


Free Online Surveys
RubiStar (Rubric Maker)

Collaborative Efforts:

Education Bridges
Digitial Divide
Community College without Borders

Articles of Note:

Defining and Telling the Story - Podcast 40 (Moving at the Speed of Creativity)
Tips for Blogging - Liz Ditz

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